Lockdown in India continues to fight against COVID-19

Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra has appreciated all citizens for following lockdown to fight against Corna virus (COVID19). He recalled that when there were no single case of Carona Virus, India has decided to screen every traveller, when there were just 550 COVID19 cases, India has decided to mandate 14 day quarantine for those who returned from different countries. When deaths due to COVID 19 are not even 100, India has taken step to lockdown completely for 21 days. Although, it has caused difficulties to citizens, it has certainly shown great results. There are many countries where Carona virus has spread to people in lakh. Countries across the world are appreciating steps taken by India.

Prime Minister was in regular discussions with Chief Ministers of all the states and reviewing situation on regular basis. Most state officials and even citizens have recommended extension of lockdown for few more weeks. While steps are being taken to minimize discomfort to people, it has been decided to extend lockdown for another 19 days; i.e. till 3rd May, 2020. Situation will be reviewed and further decisions will be made.

Prime Minister urged people to follow seven things:

  • Take of elders at home specially those have earlier record of illness to ensure tht they do not get affected with Carona Virus
  • Maintain lockdown and social distancing. Use home made masks
  • Follow Ministry of Ayush’s instructions to boost immunity.
  • Download Aarogya Setu mobile App that will alert when you are close proximity unknowingly to someone who tests positive. Encourage others to install too.
  • Feed the poor
  • Don’t fire people in your office (I add don’t fire your maid and other daily helpers too)
  • Respect those frontline of this battle like Doctors, Police, Cleaning staff etc.,

Let’s together win this battle; remember to help the needy. Help children understand the situation. Stay safe.

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