WordPress tips: Inserting widget into a post or page

It’s common practice and rather easy method to add widgets to an area that a theme supports. However, there are ways to add widgets into a post or page. This would be useful for several scenarios. Something like on pages that we do not wish to have a side bar but wish to have a few widgets displayed on the page etc., Here is how we can do this.


  1. Download and install AMR Shortcode any widget
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Now create widgets into side bar in the usual way
  4. Then drag widgets to a area called “Widgets for short code”
  5. Now you will notice a short code at the bottom of every widget that is added to “Widgets for short code” area.
  6. Grab that short code and place it in a page or post etc.,

We are still experimenting if we can further customize this experience by setting a custom background colour to selected widget etc.,

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