An appeal from Dr. Kiran for the benefit of universe

Appeal from Dr.Kiran ( +91 8019125547) //sumtrupthi.in
To GROUP CHANT “Shree Ganapathi Atharva Seersha Maha Mantra

By anyone with Sradha & Bhakti. At their OWN CONVENIENCE, daily, preferably before sunrise (06-30 a m), SITTING at a fixed place ( ASANA), facing EAST ( Sun God ), ONCE, TWICE or more.

Starting from 11th May, 2018 Friday, ( Sree Vilambi nama samvatsara, Vaisaka maasa, Bahula Paksha, Ekadashi Tidhi ) till 27th July, 2018 Friday, ( Ashada maasa, GURU POURNIMA).

The requisite SANKALPAM & SAMARPANA of the JAPA along with audio file & text file of the MANTRA will be sent to you separately.

Appeal is to you all to CHANT the MANTRA in low voice, as many times as possible and HANDOVER that JAPAM to Sree GURU CHARANA. As also, send me (Dr.Kiran) at the above whatsapp number, a private message which should include your Gotra, your name, date & time of chant and the number of times chanted immediately after you complete the daily Japam.

Purpose (as would be mentioned in Sankalpam ) is for LOKA KALYANAM. But, we all are included in the same LOKAM. Hence, we all would gain PEACE of mind, health and wealth.
SANKALPAM & SAMARPANA ( at the start of chant, and at the end of chant) for the above group chant. The following is in telugu font. Those who need it in a different language font, please msg me.

This is SANKALPA, to be done before you start your chant. ( The day-to-day panchangam shall be sent to you daily around 5 am … which also works as a reminder and alarm .. Please mute my number, if you do not want to be disturbed around 5 am daily).

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