Open Challenge to all the airlines; specially those who discriminate

Inspite having regulation from Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, air carriers display a non-discrimination statement on their websites, we still see discrimination happening on the ground. Very recently, a doctor by profession and a person with disability was asked for a “fit to fly certificate” by Jet Airways customer service.

Here is an open challenge to all the airlines and specially those who choose to discriminate.

Passengers are expected to fill in all their details during booking including some air carriers asks if passengers need assistance. In the same way, if an airline has a problem boarding people with disabilities, display the same prominently on the website. (also inform your agent partners to display on their portals) so we people with disabilities don’t bother to even book a ticket with you.

When a passenger wishes to cancel his / her ticket, you collect huge charges including cancellation charge, fare difference and what not… sometimes, cancellation charges are more than what we have paid for booking.

In the same, if customer service / personnel at the boarding counter has any problem boarding people with disabilities or handling our baggage and/or assistive aids, just give the same in writing and refund full amount + inconvenience charges of 25% + fare difference at that time. This will help us choose to fly with another airline that does not discriminate.

If you do not agree with this challenge, better sensitise your personnel and ensure no discrimination ever takes place.

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