Greetings on the eve of Devi Navarathri

This is a 9 days of celebration where we worship Lord Durga devi and this used to be yet another favorite festival in our child hood. All of our streets used to be decorated with beautiful lights. Puja gets performed both in the morning and in the evening. Evening puja is followed by an entertainment program each day such as Hari Katha or Burra Katha.

Hari Katha is a thing that a person explains story of an ancient incident; Burra Katha is a story or skit played by 3 people.

Each day puja will be of different kinds such as one day it will be performed with Kumkum, another day with flowers and so on.

Festival ends with a grand lunch to everyone in the village and Lord Durga tours across the village.

Greetings to everyone on this auspicious festival.

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