Greetings on the eve of Vinayaka Chavithi (also known as Ganesh chaturthi)

This is one of my favorite restivals. Specially I used to enjoy this festival during my childhood. Children who live in villages still enjoy this festival. Reason being that this is perhaps only festival where children are participated in bringing home required material for celebration. Lots of leaves of different kinds (known as Pathri) is collected to perform puja. In villages, we can go around the village and collect different kind of leaves and nuts. Sadly that is not the case for those of us living in cities; we need to buy them.

Clay Idol of Lord Ganesha
Clay Idol of Lord Ganesha

Vinayaka (also known as Lord Ganesha) is known as a lord who save us from any obstacles in what we do and help us getting success. That is the reason, it’s tradition that we pray Vinayaka before starting of any activity.

Download Vinayaka Vrata Kalpam in Telugu (PDF)

Here is a video by Shri. Chaganti Koteeswara Rao garu (In Telugu)

Greetings to all of you on this auspicious festival and may Lord Vinayaka bless us all with success.

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