A note of appreciation to Bangalore City Police

This morning, we have found a person teaching driving near to our daughter’s school. Since it was time when school gets started, we have asked him how he would teach around school zone. That guy was super rude in responding; even he was least bothered when we told him we will report to police.

We have called 100 and reported the issue with vehicle number. They assured someone from our area will reach out to us. Soon after we have ended call, received a SMS with complaint number. Within 10 minutes, we have got a call from local police and assured us they will talk to driving school. They were open if we would want to join the conversation. Also, assured us they could help us anytime we need and asked us to report if we experience any other incident.

After 30 minutes, we have received a call from Police Control room asking of our issue got resolved.

This is second time we have dialled 100 and found that if issue is serious they would arrange to police personnel to visit and issue is something that can wait, they will share local area inspector contact ifnormation and advice us to visit and lodge a written complaint.

This gives a feeling of safety. Kudos to Bangalore City Police.

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