Andhra Bank needs to improve its technology – my experience in reset pin of debit card

In August this year, I wrote about my experience with Andhra Bank Online services – opening a new savings account and today, I’ll be sharing my experience with reset debit card PIN.

Firstly one needs debit card PIN for many purposes including to reset transaction password on it’s internet banking portal. Unlike many other banks like SBI, HDFC etc., Andhra Bank does not allow users to reset debit card PIN using internet banking. They have only two modes to do it:

  1. Using New PIN option at any Andhra Bank ATM
  2. Visit one of Andhra Bank branches; where they will charge INR 50 to re-issue a PIN
  3. In order to save INR 50 and time of visiting branch, I have opted to reset PIN using their ATM. (Note their ATMs are not accessible to blind users and the branch I have visited have a few steps to get in). Good thing for me is that their ATM at Kaggadasapura has a screen with good contrast and people with low vision (like myself) can easily use.

    The process is that user needs to insert debit card, select option “New PIN”; there will be two options “Generate OTP and OTP Validation”. Select “Generate OTP” that will send a one time password to registered mobile number and debit cards comes out of ATM machine. Once you receive one time password, insert debit card again and select option “OTP Validation”. This will prompt user to enter OTP that was received. Enter the same and then user will be prompted to re-enter the OTP. On successful validation, user will be prompted to type in new PIN followed by re-enter new PIN. That should finish reset debit card PIN. In my case, all the time I see result screen as “Last session was timed out”. By seeing such a message, we would naturally assume reset was not successful.

    I have waited till the branch opens and one of the officials has come to help me reset the PIN, even he has seen same screen; but strange enough that he says “It’s OK about that message but your PIN gets a reset” and he was true; when we did a transaction of balance inquiry using new PIN, it was successful. There is certainly a technical glitch but what made me feel frustrated is that it appears to be a known issue to bank officials. I have escalated to the branch manager.

    Since Andhra Bank is one of the banks that exist for a very long time, they would need to use technologies effectively. Hope things will change soon.

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