2016 Year in Review

2016 was a year with mixed feelings.

Year started on a good note that our cousin Ramya (Daughter of Hema’s uncle) delivered a baby boy Hanish. We went to visit our grand mother at Injaram – lucky that we did that and then Hema and Varshi stayed back at Tanuku.

We have decided to move back to Bangalore and vacated house at Hyderabad and moved things to Bangalore. Yes, finally, we got our land registered (one we bought in Tirupati).

In February, we lost our grand mother at the age of 98. Read our post on loss of our grand mother

In March, Chi. Deepthi and Chi. Chaitanya had their house warming at Madhapur. I left Deque on 31st March, 2016.I have attended Techshare India 2016 – yet another great conference; but this time climate was too hot in New Delhi.

In April, all of us have moved to Bangalore and I started my new job at Informatica.

In June, our darling Varshi started going to school for the first time. She indeed has enjoyed; though every day in the morning she says she would go to school next day, the moment we drop her at school, she smiles and run to her class. Towards end of June, Hema had to admit in the hospital for a couple of days as she was bleeding; By the grace of God and blessings of our Guruji, things went well and doctor did not have to deliver the baby in the 8th month. Thanks to my mother-in-law for timely financial support.

July gave us a blessing in the form our our son on 29th July, 2016. He born with good weight of about 3 kgs and things went well except that we had to put him under photo therapy due to jandees.

August was a shocking month for us with sudden demise of our grand father. This was totally unexpected; we have absolutely missed an opportunity to get his blessings to our son. But we are sure, he blesses all of us from devine aboard. Miss him indeed.

In November, we have also witnessed loss of great singer Dr. Mangalamapalli Bala Murali Krishna.

In December, we did naming ceremony for our son and named him as Sai Shikhar. Now, I’m on my way to Chennai to attend Accessibility Summit Shastra by IIT Chennai.

Happy New Year.

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