India’s 70th Independence Day

Greetings to fellow citizens of India on the eve of 70th Independence Day! It’s highly inspiring to see celebrations have already started across the country and especially on social media! I still remember the enthusiasm we used to have during our childhood towards independence day. Celebration planning used to begin at least a week before. Our first job was to collect money from parents to bring material for decorating our school. Well, we used to collect 50 paisa or so from each parent and that money used be huge at that time (around 1988 etc.,), On 14th August, classes were conducted only half a day and remaining half day all of us used to be busy decorating our own class rooms (elder kids used to help younger kids) and we also used to decorate the entire school.

Next day morning, all of us kids, used to come along with a flag and stand in respective lines for flag hosting. Event go on for a couple of hours with songs, performances etc., and finally we used to get prizes for competitions that were conducted and of course sweets!

Today there is a lot of progress in India and a lot of more is happening. It’s each one of us to be committed, responsible and lead the country to move forward. Instead of just blaming that someone is not doing right thing, let’s make sure we do the right thing and point out when something is going wrong.

Enjoy the independence day and on this occasion, I sincerely bow my head and pay tributes to all those leaders who played a key role and struggled a lot to bring freedom to India.

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