Experience with Andhra Bank Online Services – Opening Savings Bank Account

I was really excited when I saw Andhra Bank has a facility where customers can open a Savings Bank account using their Online SB Account opening page and filled in the form, uploaded required KYC (Know Your Customer) documents and photograph. On submission, I have received a confirmation email with a reference number. But process just stopped there!

After a few days, I went to website to track the status. Tracking page asked me to provide reference number and that returned a 404 Error page. I have visited my nearest Andhra Bank Branch at CV Raman nagar. When I inquired about status of my online application, first reaction from personnel is that “How can you open a account online? Is it possible at all?” That is a shocking surprise; this means either Bank authorities did not educate personnel or I would have visited a page that is yet to be launched!

But then staff at CV Raman nagar branch were very enthusiastic to find out details about this new process. They have made a several phone calls and spoke to a few people internally but could not find any information. I must say, they indeed put in good efforts to learn new process. Finally they have requested me, if I would be OK to open an account by filling-up a paper based form. I have agreed and got the account opened within 15 minutes of time.

Dear Management of Andhra Bank and every institution, sure you would working on innovative ways to make life of customers easy but please be sure they work effectively and your colleagues are well aware of the same. For your fault of not providing adequate training, sometimes staff members have to get questioned by customers.

2 responses to “Experience with Andhra Bank Online Services – Opening Savings Bank Account”

  1. Krishna Avatar

    I also tried same thing and went through same thing. Bank employees have no idea about the process. They seem to have launched the process without educating their employees.

    Now, tracking page is showing error. I lost interest.

  2. Srinivasu Chakravarthula Avatar

    Krishna, thanks for sharing your experience. I think we should not just give up; but follow-up with bank to ensure that service actually works well! Happy new year!

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