Ola vs Uber

For about a few months, I have been using Ola Cabs and Uber in Bangalore for commute to work and return home. Thought I would do a quick comparison of both.

Ola Uber
App is fairly accessible using talk back on Android and not easy to use with VoiceOver on iPhone App is accessible using VoiceOver on iPhone. Note: I haven’t tried on Android
Cabs are rarely clean Cabs are clean almost every time
Ola share prices are a bit high; I have never seen below 61 INR for a 4 kilometer ride UberPool prices are seem to be less. Quite often got 4 kilometer ride for 31 INR
Ola shows you a message stating “Finding a cab near you” while chances are more that there are no cabs around you Uber upfront just shows “No cabs”; this just saves time!
Most of the drivers are good but some are rude Same here too! Some drivers are rude but most of them are good
Never found any driving with rash driving Found a couple of drivers who drive with rash
Most of the drivers in Bangalore does not turn on the AC unless customer asks Mostly AC is ON as the cab arrives
Does not accept SBI net banking to add Ola money Allows most of the banks and cards
Customer cannot use other digital wallets like Paytm; Payment has to be made only by cash or Ola money Allow use of Paytim or even one can just add a credit card
Easy to reach out to customer care by calling 33553355 Not a easy way to contact customer care (at least I’m not aware of)

So to summarize, both services have some good things and some area of improvements.

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