How to update AADHAR data?

Though we thought AADHAR generation takes a longer time (as per opinions seen on social media), our e-AADHAR got ready within 15 days of application. Truly appreciate the speedy process.

But realized that my name got misspelled with one letter and that led us to look for ways how we can update the data. Even this process is simple. There are two ways one can update AADHAR data either online or offline. If you prefer to do it online, visit AADHAR Updation portal and select Update Aadhar data; that will bring up a form where you need to provide Aadhar number, enter CAPTCHA code and hit on Send OTP. That sends you a OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter OTP and hit on Login. Then you get a few options as to what you would like to update viz. Name, Address, Date of birth etc., select desired option and hit continue. Fill in correct data, hit continue that will ask you to review the corrected data. Once you have reviewed the data, click on proceed which will then ask you to upload required document proof. (Remember this has to be same as what you have originally submitted. Once document is uploaded, click on proceed that will ask you to choose one of too gateways namely Aegis and Karvy. Select one of them and click on Submit. That will submit your request and generates a Update Request Number (URN). This number will also be send to your registered mobile number and email address. Once your request is approved or rejected, you will receive a notification via SMS and email the status. If your request is rejected, notification will also include the reason and what you may have to do further.

Tip: if you need to update your spouse / father’s name, select “Address” option.

Alternatively, you may download Update Request form and send it by post along with document proof.

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