Government helplines are proactive

Earlier when there is some problem with utilities like electricity or water and someone calls up the available helpline or department phone number, the response was either rude or a word like “we will look into”; but now things are changed. Helplines are more proactive. Some of my recent experiences in Bangalore.

A month ago, we have received excessive billing for electricity and I have reported by dialing 1912 (BESCOM Helpline) and they have registered a complaint; I have received an instant message on my mobile number with complaint number. Further, they have followed up with me and concerned accounts officer until the problem got resolved. Even when we experience power failure in our area, we reach out to BESCOM Helpline and they provide us with an estatimated time + they follow-up with us after estimated time to see if problem is resolved.

For a few days, we have noticed that street lights are turned off during day. Again, I called up BESCOM Helpline; they have mentioned that street lights are maintained by BBMP and provided me with their helpline 080-22660000. I called them up; they are so polite too and provided me with area’s Assistant Engineer who takes care of electricity in public areas. I called him and he was willing to let concerned staff know… Within 10 minutes, lights got off. He called me back stating going forward, they will take care of the same.

Further I have noticed that police department is proactive on social media like Twitter and address problems with just a tweet.

So government services are improved so much.

Visit Government Services page for Helpline numbers.

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