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We strive to post motivational posts and teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Sri. Garikapati Narasimha Rao etc., In addition, a few other general topics.

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“College to Corporate” – a workshop in Chennai by The Indian Association for the Blind

I wish this sort of workshops are conducted in the mainstream as well. Today, we see many students with a great score in college and excellent knowledge in theory but often we find lack of communication, right attitude in candidates. That’s a partial reason why some students find it difficult to find a job.

Spotted below email in Access India mailing list which describes that The Indian Association for the Blind is organizing a two day workshop titled “College to Corporate” with objective to prepare recent college grads to get ready for corporate environment. I urge eligible folks to take maximum benefit of this course. For information, announcement is quoted below.

Two Days Workshop on “College to Corporate”
Win a Laptop Through Awesome Performance

On 25th & 26th June 2016

At ICSA, Chennai

Course content

  • How to speak confidently and enthusiastically?
  • Value of win-win situation
  • Creative and critical thinking in everyday life
  • Lateral and parallel thinking in solving problems
  • Discover your personality.

Fees per person Rs.150 /- only

Lunch and Tea will be provided for two days

Only for visually challenged college and +2 completed students

Top performing candidate will win a Laptop and other gifts!

Only limited seats!

For Enrollment: 9600833223

I wish the workshop all success.

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