#TS16: Techshare India Trip – Final day

Thanks to hotel staff for a wake up call; else I’m not sure how much I would have slept!! Day started with a productive conversation with Glenda Sims then proceeded to conference hall where Glenda and I have presented. Ironically, first session in that room got cancelled as speaker could not make it that gave us an opportunity to have a chat with several folks including some of my very long time friends. Nice meeting you, Annavaram, Shantanu, Dhanajay, Sunil, Nanda, Nawaz, Rama, Annice and many more!

Glenda and I have presented on Enterprise level Tools and Solutions for Accessibility: WorldSpace, Amaze and Deque University. It was well received with interactive conversation.

Then took a round of exhibition stalls along with Subhashini, Dean of Assistive Technologies Lab at Sri Vishnu Eduction Society. Felt a great pleasure of connecting with several folks who are passionate about innovation.

then attended session 2 sessions i.e. eBay Accessibility success by Nanda and Accessibility Automated Testing Tools by Nawaz. Thank you guys for taking all the great accessibility work forward that was started by Victor and myself. Much appreciated.

Then had some fun and productive conversations with friends of Bank of America.

Towards the end, bad time starts… It took nearly 2.5 hours to reach Airport, huge line for collecting boarding card. Sadly Indigo staff at New Delhi are seem to be not sensitized. When we reached the gate, they were boarding passengers of another plane. They told us to wait for 5 minutes and it went on for 45 minutes. Tragedy was that there was no seating arrangement for people to sit and when we question the airline staff, they say “we knew it” and I am really concerned and would like to know what are they doing about it when they are already aware of it.

Finally flight took off at 10:15 pm and reached home at 1 am (mid night). Overall, Techshare India was great success. Thanks everyone for wonderful efforts.

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