#TS16 – Techshare India 2016 Trip Update – Got in!

Ah, the day began at 6 am! starting to office. Reached office by 8:00 am and wonderful conversations got started immediately with lovely Glenda Sims. (Glenda, glad you love Indian food!).

Reached Hyderabad airport by 1:00 pm. As always, the most efficient and affectionate Indigo staff welcomed and got our boarding passes as per our requirements and with a little more support. Checked In and then had a quick lunch. Oh wow, quantaty and quality of food at “The Taste of India” is just awesome and deserve its name.

Then boarded plane and it was an honor to sit next to Glenda and had a wonderful conversation for an hour and then slep for remaining duration of flight.

Reached New Delhi at 5pm and my excitement is out of my control. Took a taxi and went directly to India Habitat Centre. Gave a hug to my mentor and Guru of Accessibility, Shilpi, had a lovely welcome by Priti and rest of the BarrierBreak team. The IHC area is full swing of preparations for next two days and it reminded my tenure with BarrierBreak in the year 2008.

Then with my colleagues at Deque, spotted our stall location and decided we get this decorated tomorrow in the morning.

Reached The Hotel Suryaa (Thank you Sowmya for choosing the hotel) and got a pleasant surprise. As I was the last member in our crew to check-in, hotel didn’t have rooms in the floor where all our colleagues are staying so hotel guys and generous enough and gave me an upgrade to a suite. Wow, such a spacious room (living room + a bed room).

Day ended with lovely dinnner along with my Deque family. Can’t wait for next two days.

A gentle reminder: My colleagues Sujasree and Raghavendra are presending on 3rd March 2016 at 5PM on HTML 5 and Accessibility and Glenda and I will be presenting on 4th March, 2016 at 10:20 am on Accessibility Testing tools and Deque University. Looking forward to seeing you in our sessions.

Oh yes, don’t forget to drop by our stall at S1 and S2 to explore our wide range of products and services.

I’m also looking forward to meeting many of my friends in next two days.

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