Be good, do good and see good – Quote of the day 8th November, 2015

Be good, Do good and See good
-Swami Vivekananda

Absolutely. It’s essential to “be” good when we want anyone to good to us. Even though other person may not be good at us, when we began to “be” good with them, they automatically retrospect themselves and “be” good with us too. If someone is not good to us, doesn’t mean that we should be bad to them. A positive behavior brings in tremendous change in the world.

Next, “do” good. Yes, there is no reason we should do harm to anyone. It’s OK, if we can’t help someone but don’t criticise nor do something that causes harm to anyone. Even if we are doing something for ourselves, think twice if our action is safe to the world.

Also, “see” good. life is auspicious. As learned people have said, time is only thing that shall never return once gone. Eyes are gift to human… so use them to “see” good. When there is something wrong, if you can, solve it and if not, move on… but don’t just keep watching and make stories out of it.

Have a meaningful life ahead!

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