“They alone live, who live for others” – Quote of the day 7th October, 2015

They alone live, who live for others
– Swami Vivekananda

If there is someone in need and you can help, do step-in and offer your support. Always think from the shoes of other person who you are dealing with. While making a comment or doing an action, think once “How would I feel, if someone says or does this to me?”.

If something that you think makes sense or helpful, do not hesitate to speak-up. At the worse case, they may not agree; that’s OK. But if you hesitate to let them know, perhaps a true solution would be just with you.

In a professional life, we often see people saying “what did this company do to me? why should I work?” instead ask “What have I done to this company and how can I make it better?” Though you work for an employer, feel it as your own company and work hard to its success; your recognition will automatically come one day.

So let’s live for the world. But this does not mean one needs to compromise something for self; sometimes you need to be selfish without harming other person.

Have a joyful day ahead.

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  1. pooja Avatar

    thank you ….it easy is very helpful to me …..and its helped me in my speech

  2. Srinivasu Chakravarthula Avatar

    Glad it was useful. Thank you!

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