Bring light to the ignorant – Quote of the day 13th October, 2015

Bring light to the ignorant, and more light to the educated for the vanities of the education of our times are tremendous.
-Swami Vivekananda

Unfortunate but it’s true; we see more ignorance from the educated than others. Consider a simple instance; buyers who come on two wheelers often just part right infant of the shop; they don’t even think how others would come out of the shop when their vehicle is parked right outside of the shop; they only think “oh it takes me a minute to buy and come back” and they can get to their vehicle quickly but what they don’t realize is that it causes problem to others. Funny part, when they notice something being done by others, they talk about it and not when they are doing.

Another instance is we keep complaining about several things such as roads are not clean or tourism operations are not going in right direction; but what are we doing about them? we should speak up and share ideas to resolve the problem. Saying only problem statement does not enough; that gets solved when at least a sense of encouragement if offered.

Be educated and contribute in right way!

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