Greetings on the eve of 69th India’s Independence day

Indian Flag inside India map
Indian Flag inside India map

It was on the 14th August, 1947 midnight when India got freedom British ruling and since then India has progressed indeed in a great way and we have a long way to go. I join every fellow citizen of the country in celebrating this auspicious day and wish a glorious future to India.

Often times I get disappointed when people say we in India are not progressing, our products does not have great quality, our Government is lazy etc., It’s partially true because that’s what we get to see forefront but unfortunately we miss witnessing a lot of great achievements that takes place. For instance, let’s talk about recent Godavari Pushakaramulu (auspecious 12 days for Godavari river); there were tremendous efforts made by Government to ensure comfort of pilgrims and I have seen personnel and volunteers were so helpful and offering support to all needy and elderly. They were monitoring and guiding at every ghats; this was not published much nor appreciated but when there were unfortunate incidents such as stamped took place in Rajhamundry, it was fully highlighted. In reality, it was fault of pilgrims to some extent. Following a discipline brings comfort to everyone.

One of the problems I se in India is with service providers. It’s understandable that there would be problems for everyone but an appropriate planning, focus on what one is doing brings not only success but also smile on customer’s face. Quite often I see service providers commit a particular time to resolve an issue and never turns up without escalations. This not only gets customer annoyed but chances of loosing trust.

We are a country that is known for great values and tradition and well respected by people across the world. It’s our own responsibility that we remain maintain our values and tradition. I’m sure every value and tradition of our country is meaningful and adds success to life.

I have a huge problem with politicians in general and Members of our respected houses (may it be Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha or assembly of any state); quite often we see disruption in respected houses and that leads to waste a lot of resources, energy and above all auspicious time. Dear Politicians, you are all elected to drive India on right path and you wasting time is indeed not acceptable. We have a lots of great things to contribute.

Love you all and greetings on the eve of 69th year of India’s independence. Let’s pledge to make India prosper, be a shining star among other countries and be an inspiration.

Below is the speech of our beloved Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi on the occasion of 69th India’s Independence Day.

Text of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s speech on India’s 69th Independence Day (External link)

Jai Hind

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