My shortest job comes to an end… I wish I could have stayed longer but Good bye HCL

This is perhaps first time in my career where I’m announcing me joining yet another organization in a very short while.

It was September last year, I have chosen to join HCL Technologies with a vision that I could create impact to more businesses and would have an opportunity to work with across domains to promote accessibility. But soon enough, I realized, to promote accessibility either work with a service company that’s specialized in accessibility domain or take up freelance work or work at a product company.

I would not like to say much but one message I would like to share is that with such mainstream service companies, it’s always risk in terms of quality of the accessibility work that would be delivered.

Yet, I would like to thank HCL for having given me an opportunity to work with Internet giant, Google. Wow, working inside Google for nearly 6 months changed my prospective completely about Google. Earlier I was under the impression that Google doesn’t putenough efforts nor they care about accessibility. But what I have seen at Google is great. Accessibility work at Google is more structured and engineers are absolutely committed. Really appreciate all the efforts at Google.

So next in my plate is that I’m going to join Deque and looking forward to it.

Thanks everyone.

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