Indian Elections – a few thoughts

This is for the first time, I have been carefully watching Indian Elections (Thanks to Kiran Kaja) and I’m really excited for the new government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. A big Congratulations to Mr. Mode and team. Also, congratulations to Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu and team of Telugu Desam Party for their victory in Andhra Pradesh.. Mr. Modi Ji, people across the country have been very hopeful and built a huge trust on your leadership so please keep up good efforts and bring in a massive change in the country. Do the right thing and have “people first” policy. You don’t have to spend anything from the pocket, but spend India’s income including the taxes we all pay in a right away! Looking forward to exciting days ahead!

Dear Congress, I’m afraid you had to go, but you are responsible for it. You must have done some good work but took a lot of hasty decisions including bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. I’m not against it but you should have taken the decision a little before so that you would have enough time to do justice to both the regions thus you could have got better results this time.

Dear Kejriwal, I like your straight forward nature (I do have same attitude) but you should have contested from a different place instead contesting against Mr. Modi. Sure you could have won! Better luck next time. As you just said it could have a good beginning for Aam Admi Party. Good luck.

Dear Mr. Naidu, Congratulations on your win too. Please keep up the commitments as you have just mentioned to TV9 and gain the people’s confidence.

Before I conclude, a big congratulations all the newly elected and re-elected members of Lok Sabha and Assemblies of a few states. Please be aware that you are representative of us all; so please do not waste time and misbehave in respective houses. Utilize your opportunity and do the best thing for country and you will be recognized. Let’s avoid fightings and blaming parties and such behavior in the houses and use every moment productively.

I’ll be writing about any issues I come across to respective members and looking forward to working with everyone.

Good luck,

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