A quick note of appreciation to Election Commission of India

As we know, currently Elections are being held for Lok Sabha of India and Assembly of a few states. I have been following election news through different media channels. Unfortunately I was unable to cast my vote because non-receipt of my voter registration card. Hope to cast next time!

There were always several complaints during elections by people with disabilities that polling booths are not accessible to people who are blind or wheel chair users. This time experience for several people with disabilities are quite pleasant and they were able to cast their vote independently. It appears that most of the polling stations are wheel chair friendly, list of candidates were provided in Braille, EVMs does have Braille labels and most importantly staff at polling stations are greatly sensitized. I’m sure this would be a welcome step and in the future we would see more accessible elections!

A big congratulations to everyone at Election Commission of India, several staff who served to ensure smooth conduct of elections, organizations who have put in efforts and helped government to bring in inclusion element to elections.

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