2014 Year in review!

Our sweet heart Khushi Varshini's first photoMissing my sweetheart Hema and baby darling… Received new year wishes from many. Built website for Access India convention – a meet up of several visually impaired folks. NAB Karnataka has won GudVille campaign! Kameshwari and I wrote a Review on TaxiForSure’s iOS app

From 12th January to 14th January, spent at holy place of Shirdi. This was first visit of our little darling to Shirdi. Priests have kept baby at the Lotus feet of His Holiness Shri. Sadguru Sai baba. We have also witnessed the Godha Kalyanam under the auspicious hands of our Guruji.

Vasu visited Mumbai, met with most affectionate family of Sumit bhai and also held discussions to grow SG Accessibility.

Celebrated Indian Republic Day at Manthri Tranqvil representing NAB Karnataka

Initiated Conversations for a strategic partnership between NAB Karnataka and EnAble India.

Saddened to hear the demise of ever star, Shri. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao garu.


Beginning of partnership with Digital Accessibility Centre, UK – hoping this relationship would go a long way.

Glad to know that Satya Nadella is named as new Chief Executive of Microsoft.

In midst of all relatives, we have celebrated naming ceremony of our cute little darling and named her as Khushi Varshini meaning of which is a baby who pour all the happiness.

Vasu went to New Delhi to attend Techshare India and 4th Access India Convention. Events went off well but exhibition and sessions at Techshare India could have been better. PayPal is one of the silver sponsors for Techshare India.

Planning for Global Accessibility Awareness Day has started. This year it is planned for 15th May.


March started with exciting time of visiting my grand mother along with Hema darling and our angel Khushi. My grand mother is aged about 96. May god grant her a good health.

We have witnessed the inauguration of renovated Shiva temple at Injaram. Thanks everyone in the village who have put in the efforts.

Indeed excited to join Victor Tsaran’s team officially.

A strategic partnership has been established between EnAble India and The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch. Hoping this would lead to a wonderful outcome and expansion of services at both the organizations.

March 23sup marked Hema’s mom’s birthday.

In April, we have visited Injaram again and then celebrated Shri. Ram Navami at Guruji’s house in Hyderabad then back home with our sweet little darling!

In June, performed Feeding ceremony (Anna Prasana) for our little one. She touched fruits, flowers, termaric and Kumkum. June also witnessed our anniversary and my birthday. Thanks Dhanasri and Vivek for wonderful wishes and celebrations.

In September we have celebrated Hema’s birthday and then moved to Hyderabad as I have changed job to lead accessibility efforts at HCL Technologies.

Also, during 2014, have taken up some freelance work with some major organizations. It was wonderful experience and looking forward to more of such ventures in the future.

India has witnessed a breakthrough by welcoming new government under the leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi. Sure it was a big lesson to congress for the bad decisions they have taken during their stint including bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state and formed Telangana state. Although it may benefit some section of people or as a state, the way the decision has taken is not in correct manner.

2014 also witnessed lost of some great talent specially in the film industry including Shri. Akkineni, Shri. Bala Chandar etc.,

2014 also saw a great victory of India winning the World Cup for the Blind. This is for the first time where government has recognized the efforts of sports for the blind and encouraged the team with a good support.

Alright there may be quite a lot of things that I have missed but wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2015. Let’s hope this new year brings a lot of good health, prosperity, friendship, peace and success.

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