1st December 2013 Update

Woke up with no plans but I think we make ideas while taking bath!! Went out for lunch with my darling Hema, loved ones Kameshwari, Anwar, Gayathri and mother-in-law. Enjoyed all the dishes except sweets. Then Anwar got us some delicious ice creams and came home in the evening.

One request I have for all drivers is “DO NOT HONK”. This indeed creates a lot of sound pollution and moreover, I wonder why people will have less patience while driving. I know guys, you all are in hurry but remember life is more precious than anything else…

Updated my Events page and added upcoming session information at Techshare India 2014. Oh my god, after debugging page for almost half an hour, I realized a single quotation mark on the page could change the page of design. Glad that I was able to fix issue on a table row on my events page.

Just had a little pleasant time with Dhanashree and Vivek. We had conversation about plan to organize Accessibility Enthusiasts Picnic to Ooty or Coorg during the month of May. I’m sure that would be an exciting one. Really looking forward to it.

By the way, delivered a project to the client and looking forward to their feedback. Had a chat with another old client, let’s see if we could get some projects from them.

Before I sign-off for the day, wanted to check out if anyone is selling their Mac book pro / air; fallen love with Mac and it’s difficult to go back and use windows. Specially I love the brightness and ease of use on Mac.

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