Innovation at Government – some ideas to improve

I felt really happy when I was able to do most of the application process to get modifications done on my wife and my passportsand also to get enrolled in the electoral role. This is great to see these processes are now online and have ability to apply online and even attach proof of documents. That’s great; but the problem is that even after submitting proofs online, applicant still need to visit office in person and submit proofs in paper.

I have no complaint about visiting office in person and in fact, I was very happy when I was asked to check my details in front of the computer and verify if anything is missing or anything needs to be corrected. Photograph was clicked and finger prints were taken. That’s fantastic. Then they scanned all my paper documents and stored them into the system. This could be avoided, when I have already scanned and submitted proofs, they could just use them and avoid asking for paper proofs. This way, a lot of paper can be saved and contribute to the go green initiative.

I’m sure there wouldn’t be any problem, since physical verification at home is being carried out and passports were issued only after receipt of police verification receipt.

So Dear Government, does this sounds good?

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