iPhone and iPad applications that I love

While ago, I wrote about social networks and how they are useful and this time, I thought to share my experience with a few iApplications. Why do I say iApplications? Because, this post will be about a few applications that are used on iDevices and in particular on iPhone.

One of the things I must mention that most of the services are accessible as apps than their web pages. Mostt of them work well with in=built use of access options like Voiceover etc.

Screenshot of Yahoo! Finance iPhone application
Screenshot of Yahoo! Finance iPhone application
Finance: This is one app I use almost on daily basis. This is a pretty neat app gives information on stock value, charts and news about stocks. This gives me information about market gain or loss both as a statistics, as a chart. Since I look for US market (as I only invest in the company where I work for:-)), I look at the app early in the morning, it shows me the maximum and minimum price. It also has a module to read the latest news. Click here to get Yahoo! Finance app for iPhone Works very well with VoiceOver

Twitter: I use native Twitter app that comes with iOS and quite happy with the ease of use and features. This lets me see my timeline, compose tweet, off late, mentions tab also shows me if someone follow my timeline. I particularly like this feature since it would be easy to follow that twittermate instantly, if I feel so! Direct messages are now under “me” – profile tab. Also, there is a discover tab that is again, something useful… it lists down the popular topics, who you may want to follow and so on. In fact, due to this tab, I got to know several things including funny things like “Internatioanl Kisses Day” and so:-) Click following button to follow me on Twitter!
Download Twitter app for iPhone and iPad

Screenshot of Twitter for iPhone
Screenshot of witter for iPhone

Facebook: Again, I use the native app for Facebook; yet to review for accessibility. But usable enough. Only my major complaint about Facebook apps for iPhone, iPad and mobile version is that there is no mechanism to share what I like. Besides that, we can post status, comment or like what others post or share, view events and birthdays and interact with groups.

LinkedIn: This is again a cool app and thanks to their engineering team, the app is fairly accessible except for a few issues.

Currency Convertor: This is again something I use very regularly. the good part is that you can just key in any amount that you wish to convert and select currency and you are done.
PS: I am just posting this for now, since this is in drafts for quite sometime and more app info will come soon.

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