Importance of Braille – Tribute to Louis Braille

Louis Braille
Louis Braille

Hello All:

January 4th is Birthday of Dr. (I know, he do not have an official doctorate, but he deserves it) Louis Braille.

Louis Braille is inventor of Braille Script that is used by people with vision impairment to read and write. This script is based on six tiny dots. Louis got this idea originally from the military secret code language that consist of 12 digits.

Today, there is an advancement of technology and people with vision impairment can can use comoputers and several other devices like scanner, OCRetc to have access to print material. Having said that, Braille is still important. I could immediately think of two benefits of Braille for people with vision impairment. One is this helps to improve the spellings and second is Braille would be quite helpful for those who don’t like to listen so much or do not wish to use ear phones in busy places.

Watch an interesting video on Louis Braille.

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Braille Alphabets
Braille Alphabets

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  1. Luke Smith Avatar

    It’s nice that you talked about how Braille could help improve spelling and could be quite helpful for those who don’t like to listen so much or do not wish to use earphones in busy places. I was watching a documentary yesterday and I learned about the value of Braille. From what I’ve seen from the documentary, it seems Braille signs are available now too.

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