International Day of Persons with Disabilities – what it means to me?

Hello, firstly, warm wishes to everyone on marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3rd December, and I know, there are a lot of events planned across India and rest of the world. Congratulations everyone for being very active to create awareness towards disability.

I only have three messages; one is for society, second is for the organizations working for people with disabilities and finally for all friends with disabilities.

Dear Society, I could see a lot of change from the past to now! There is a rapid growth in sensitization towards disability and I am happy for it. Having said that, let’s not stop here. Let’s all continue the good work and sensitization happens at every corner of the world. There are still urban cities besides the rural world, where the awareness level towards disability is pretty low and get scared to offer opportunity to the persons with disabilities. Friends, thanks to the technology, today people with disabilities could perform any task with equal quality and within the given time. But only thing is that, we all need to ensure inclusive infrastructure and systems in place. Once again thank you all and look forward to continue the good work with all of you together.

Dear Organizations working for Persons with Disabilities: It’s time to ensure your clients get the perfect skills and aptitude. Today, there is a lot of awareness among the society and no employer would really worry about the disability that employee may have, but certainly would be of concern, if the employee do not show the productivity. Let’s think on the requirements of the industry and ensure our clients join the competition. Good luck and thanks for doing all the good work.

Dear friends with disabilities: Hello, come on, today, there is almost nothing that we cannot do. Let’s make good use of technologies available and run along with the mainstream. No one come and give us a hand to grow; it’s our duty to find the path and make our career. Let’s take the advantage of the technology and grab the opportunities. On the other note, if you employed somewhere and need support may it be in terms of infrastructure or accessibility, ask for it, do not hesitate. It’s right to ask for reasonable accommodation.

Good luck everyone!

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