What makes us to build a successful career?

I often see people talking a lot about how frustrated they are with current job even they have just started with a job. But at the end of the day, they really work to the extent that they need to, then I wonder, why they should stress to themselves for thinking about all discomforts. In fact, that time could be spent with a thought process of how they could professionally grow in their life. I have been in the industry for about 11+ years now and I thought, I could pen some of my personal experiences on how one can build a successful career. I feel, one of the most important factor should that we should love what we do; if we are not satisfied with the job we are into, I think, it’s time to explore other opportunities. Switching jobs is not crime but one should have significant rational to switch to a new job. However, it would be even good for both employer and us, if we make a right decision before starting the job to avoid discomfort to the employer. While accepting an offer or even before going for an interview, one should ask to self, “Is this job meant for me? Will I be happy there?” and probably, one more question could be “Will I do justice to this job?”.

In 11 years, I have switched to about 5 organizations but never got farewell from any organization on a bad note. I have switched either for better opportunities or when I realized completely that if I am not capable of particular job even after tremendous effort. I think, it’s always best to start career with a small or medium size company where we can get an opportunity to explore and work with different functions and gain experience. Then over a period of three years, it would be good to look for opportunities in larger organizations. But again, if you and the existing employer are quite happy for each other, then, it’s better to continue so that you may grow to a leadership role in the same organization.

Another requirement for successful career is to be unique and develop extremely strong knowledge on the domain. Plus strong communication skills are important. Further it would be helpful to have ability to network with others in the industry. Sites like LinkedIn etc. that helps to not just network with people but also get updated on opportunities.

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