Memories with my teachers

September 5th is a day I celebrate most as it gives me an opportunity to acknowledge all my teachers who have been responsible for the life that I am leading today. Firstly, let me share some of my memories as to how we used celebrate teacher’s day during school days.

While I was studying at ZP High School, Injaram, we used to have a simple function to facilitate our teachers and other Gurus in our village. Some of the teachers who taught us right from 1st class through 8th class are Shri. Poolla Kameshwara Rao, Shri. T Vanamayya, Shri. Vellanki Kameshwara Rao, Shri. Joga Rao, Shri. Sri Rama Moorthy, Shri Acharyulu, Shri. Patnala Rama Rao, Shri. B. Subba Rao (late), Ammaji Miss, etc.

I have studied 9th and 10 classes at Govt. High School, Hyderabad where we have enjoyed a lot with celebrations. On 4th, we the students used to take charge of the entire school and run the school and I was fortunate enough to lead this activity for both the days. On 5th September, we used to facilitate our teachers with flowers and teachers used to bless us. My teachers at this school includes Shri. Ravi Kumar, Shri. Lakshmana Chary, Shri. Prabhakar, Shri. Srinath, Smt. Jayashree, Shri. Sudhakar Rao etc.

Some of the other teachers who are responsible for my growth are Ms. Pallavi, Ms. Dipti Masarani, Ms. Shilpi Kapoor, my tution teachers, Mr. Narasimha Murty etc.

All my teachers, Thanks a lot for all the enouragement, guidance and support you have given. I love you all and let me take this opportunity to seek blessings from each one of you.

Love you all and wishing you a very happy teacher’s day!

What is teacher’s day?
In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September every year to tribute Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who happened to be a great teacher and advocate of education. Read on at

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