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Tag: iOS

A few tips for iOS 10 users

Until iOS 10, users just use one button to unlock the screen by using On/Off switch and then swiping left to right brings up screen to enter pass code. Now that in iOS, swiping left to right brings up highlights of a few things like News, weather etc., and users are asked to Press home button. Most of us feel that using physical buttons result in getting them spoiled sooner than later hence prefer to use them as less as possible. So what’s the other option? Using Assistive Touch would be helpful many ways. Some of the features that one…

Button Shape feature on iOS 7 – very cool!

I wish I activated this button shape long back. This is very cool. One of the benefits I see it increases visuals for buttons across the apps and also underline text on buttons. To activate this option, go to: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> turn ON button options. One issue Apple should fix is that contrast for cancel button on compose window of mail app. It appears as blue text on black when button shapes are turned-on. Screenshot below!

So much is done and more would come in the era of mobile accessibility

I still remember Nokia 6600 (hmm. Nokia forgot this phone, can’t find on their site except the developer specs and found the info on Wikipedia!) that first ever mobile phone where user could install a screen reader either Talks from Nuance or Mobile Speak from Code Factory. Although the phone Nokia 6600 is big in size but was only the phone that users who are blind or partially sighted can use independently and it was in use for a long time indeed. Today, I see there are a lot of mobile devices running on different platforms and all of them…