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Leader Telugu movie poster

Over the weekend, I have watched “Leader”, Telugu movie and indeed impressed with the concept. Though I’m aware similar to “Bharath ane nenu” movie, concept of this movie too is just works in theory and unfortunately, we won’t see this happen.

Chief Minister of a state gets killed and as usual, it showcases as a untimely demise. For a long time, it has been a trend that that political party is led by members of a single family; hence everyone thinks that CM’s elder son will be the next Chief Minister’s candidate. This fellow is absolute currept. CM has another son, who studies well and CEO of a fortune 500 company in the United States. When he visits his father before his last breath, his father tells him that his wish is that his younger son should become next Chief Minister. He understands from his motherhow his father became so currupt. He decides he would want to change the state.

When he was called to party meeting, he expresses his desire to compete for the post of the Chief Minister and he gets majority. His brother insist him that he would want to Home ministry with a hidden agenda that he would want to kill his brother to re-claim the post of Chief Minister. Chief Minister Arjun (Younger son) gives him the Home ministry though he knows his brother’s attitude Dhananjay.

In the assembly he announces his plans to bring back people’s money and create it as a people fund. To get the house agree for his proposal, he exempts MLAs and people representatives and gets the bill passed. But he has a plan to ensure ways for MLAs and people representatives are blocked to make money. That creates opposition. Towards the end, he will go for elections as an independent party with wise people and build government.

This is only a brief summary of the movie but if we get rid of corruption, we will become richest country and don’t have to borrow money from world bank etc., I wish we see a clean country one day.

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