Tips to make environment back to clean and pure

It may be difficult but possible for everyone while it’s easy for those building a new family. Here are a few ways how you can avoid use of a few things and get environment back to clean.

  • Carry a bag all the time even you don’t intend to go for shopping, so that if you decide to purchase something, you can avoid plastic bags.
  • Carry a water bottle so that you can avoid purchase of plastic bottles
  • Take out time and shop from stores around you so thag you will reduce use of packaging material and at the same time, build friendship with merchants
  • Do not smoke; it not only causes health issue to self but also to people around you
  • Go for a walk every evening and buy vegetables and fruits for next day. This will enable couple to spend time together and can avoid use of fridge
  • Visit nearby shops to get milk, butter and curd for the day; This will enable us to avoid us to use fridge
  • Do not have habit of eating food that is preserved
  • Have habit of adding lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric, pepper etc as part of daily food; that will help us live healthy
  • If your children’s school is less than 500 meters away, have habit of dropping them by walk. This will reduce both pollution and traffic around school
  • Do not throw garbage on the roadside
  • Do not spit on the road; Even when you notice anyone spitting on the road, tell them in a polite way and am sure they will not repeat
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Use public transport or car pooling
  • Have habit of meditation; that will help us stay positive.

We do not have to wait for government to make guidelines to do right thing. We don’t have to wait for someone to change their habits, we can adopt right habits and start spreading the word. This way, slowly whole world will drive again back to clean society.

If you follow of any other positive habits, do share in comments.

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