Recent travel experience

To help my mother-in-law, I have recently travelled to Hyderabad from Bangalore. This is my first travel during this COVID 19 situation.

Good news due to COVID 19 measures is that we no longer have to print boarding pass. Travellers can do a web check-in and carry electronic boarding pass on their mobile device. Not so good news is that while web check-in is mandatory, airlenes keep a price tag for many seats ranging from INR 400 to INR 1000. It’s a bit painful because already air fares are hiked than usual. However, one can choose to have seat auto-assigned. But advantage is that due to increased price, people who really required to travel will only travel. This time, I found airports to be like airports that we have seen about 20 years ago where we used to see limited number of people.

At the airport, before the entrance itself, airport staff have checked if we have AarogyaSethu app and have completed health check; they have also done a temperature check. Security staff now have a counter where travellers need to scan their boarding pass and keep their photo identity document on the desk. Both at Bangalore and Hyderabad, I found these staff are not sensitive. It is not usual for many travellers to scan their boarding pass and show identity document so security staff need to be patient and direct travellers appropriately. Instead, they sounded rude.

After entry into the airport, there are still airline counters who assist travellers those who may require. They are very polite and they continue to provide assistance to elderly, people with disabilities. They were all wearing gloves, masks, long jacket etc., They even changed our seats to front rows although we were fine with any seat. Indigo staff at both locations were very helpful.

Before boarding, at Bangalore, Indigo staff have given us a safety kit which has mask, face cover and a few packets of sanitiser. Travellers are required to wear the full face cover provided.

On arrival, at Hyderabad, they have only checked for temperature but no other restrictions. whereas in Bangalore, there are a series of tests and although all tests are nagetive, they have asked almost everyone for home quarantene for 14 days. They have also verified our application on Seva Sindhu Portal.

Overall, whole travel experience is smooth.

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