Cricket World Cup: All teams are playing quite well!

This is the second time (first was in 2008), I’m following Cricket World Cup. I am thrilled to see that all teams are playing with zeal and doing their best to make their country proud of them. All teams are putting such an effort that even if they loose, no one will blame them.

As far as India is concerned, except the match on 22nd June, 2019 against Afganisthan, they have played all the matches very well. Rohit Sharma has made centuries in all of the matches except with Afghanisthan. During match with Afghanisthan, all the players have wasted a lot of balls; but fielding saved India. I just sensed that Indian team has under-estimated Aghanisthan. But Afghanisthan team have done a great job as well. It’s sad that Shikhar Dhawan is away for a few matches due to injury but I am hopeful, he would return soon. KL Rahul wastes a lot of balls initially but contributes in the later part of the game.

I wish all the teams best of luck. No matter who wins, it’s matter of sport spirit.

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