Congratulations to all those students who have graduated from 10th Class – here is an advice for you all!

What a relief for those students and parents waiting anxiously for results of 10th Class; results are out recently and celebrations are happening everywhere. Congratulations to all those who have passed. If you are someone reading this post and not passed, not to worry, you haven’t lost anything. I don’t say failure is pathway to success; analyze what went wrong, work on it and you will get through…

10th Class is considered as a milestone in tenure of education. This is the time where students probably make their first decision in life time. That is to decide what subjects to opt for in college. Either science, arts, commerce etc., Here is how you make that decision.

Celebrate your success in 10th class with family and friends. No matter how much you have scored or what rank you have got; even if you do not get a first rank, that’s OK; there is no need to be first all the time. Celebrate whatever you have achieved.

Then relax for a couple of days thinking what is your area of interest and what would you want to become in life. There is nothing like funny career. I have met a student recently who would like to become a Chef… there is nothing wrong in it. Every job has its value. Do not choose a career just because someone has said that is good for you. You are your own judge. Get inspired by people, seek advice from people but don’t let others plan your life.

Once you make a choice, then choose the stream you would want to study. Even if your career choice doesn’t require any further education, do not hesitate to make that decision as well. For some careers, skill development is more important than formal education. Do not opt for a stream that would not help in your career. For instance, I have seen people who study electrical and electronics engineering, then go for some courses in software engineering and land up in IT industry. That’s waste of time, money and energy.

Dear Parents, help your children identify their own dreams and strengths; do not set comparison. Each child will have his or her own interest and strength. If you cannot encourage their choice, it’s alright, but do not discourage. If you feel they are confused or unable to make a decision, do please spend time and give them experience of different jobs. take them to industries, offices etc., let them observe and make a decision.

Congratulations once again and wishing all students best of luck!

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