Chandamama – wealth of stories are now online

In my childhood or actually during my young age and given a choice, even now, I love the story books like Chandamama, Balamitra, Balabharathi etc.,

Chandamama has started in 1947; it was a monthly magazine that comes with inspiring stories, comics, series of Vikramarka, Bethala stories.

There used to be a section having puzzles, quiz etc.,

For a few years, due to whatever reason, Chandamama has disappeared from the market and I really felt missing. In fact, I wanted to subscribe to that magazine to read for our children.

But now happy moments are back in a different way. They have published all of the past magazines sine beginning on the web. Chandamama is now online and available in English, Telugu and Hindi. Very well organized and each issue is available as a PDF. Now we need to figure out how to get these series in accessible format.

Happy reading!

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