Our grand father Shri. Ganti Narasimham is no more

Shri. Ganti Narasimham
Shri. Ganti Narasimham
He was the one, who showed me taste of tender coconut;
He was the one who made me play in the well;
He was the one who made my childhood much more entertaining (I used to spend most of summer holidays at his house);
He was the one who introduced spirituality to me;
Because of him, I got to know about a socio-religious organization; Shri. Manik Prabhu Samsthan;
He was the one, who loves children most;

That was our grand father (my mother’s father) Shri. Ganti Narasimham (known as “Dattudu”). it is shocking to learn that he is no more in our midst and passed away on the day of 27th September, 2016 at 19:04 (Hrs) India Time.

He was adopted son to Late Smt and Shri. Ganti Reddaiah Garu (Retired Head Master) from Peramma Agraharam, a village attached to Amalapuram town. Shri. Reddaiah was the one who tranlated history of Shri. Manik Prabhu to Telugu.

Our grand father was very affectionate to kids. He loves spiritual discussions, he was a dedicated devotee of His Holiness Shri. Manik Prabhu Maharaj, he has written a book and dedicated the same to Shri. Prabhu.

During my childhood, whenever we visit his place, in the mornings, he sit with us and all of us have tea together, then he goes for his regular Puja etc., and towards noon, we all used to have lunch together, then we used to play some game or the other; his favorite was Carrom and cards. In the evening, sit near the main entrance of house and used to have a long chats; Sharp at 6pm, we used to recite devotional songs.

Last I have visited was at the beginning of this year before he has moved to Gunturu from Anatavaram. We will miss you Tata garu, love you and may your soul be blessed and rest in peace.

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