Information: How to change ATM PIN of State Bank of India online?

Recently got to learn how we can generate new PIN for ATM of State Bank of India. That is a big relief; as it does not require us to visit branch or call customer service and then wait for a few days to receive new PIN. Unlike many other banks, this option is not shown prominently in navigation but process is very secure and simple. Here is how one can generate ATM PIN online.

  1. Login to Online banking portal of SBI with valid credentials
  2. Click on e-Services
  3. Select ATM Card Services from the left navigation
  4. Select PIN generation
  5. You will be asked to choose an option to validate; one can validate either using an One Time Password (OTP) or using Profile Password; make a choice; based on your choice a dynamic action happens either prompt you to type OTP received on your registered mobile number or profile password
  6. Then list of your ATM cards will be displayed; select a card number for which you wish to generate a new PIN and click on Continue button
  7. Next step will prompt you to type first two digits of your desired PIN; type two digits of your choice and click on continue
  8. Then you will receive a SMS on your registered mobile number, this message contains last two digits ofyour PIN; you need to type first two digits that you have chosen followed by two digits that you have received on your mobile
  9. Click on Submit and you are done! You should receive a confirmation message on screen as well as a SMS alert

Banking made easy! Thank you State Bank of India.

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