See you later, Hyderabad!

It was September 2014, we have relocated to Hyderabad with my job at HCL Technologies and then to Deque. Now it’s time for us to bid farewell to Hyderabad as we are moving back to Bangalore and I’m joining Informatics starting April, 2016.

It was a wonderful experience at both HCL Technologies and Deque. Though I have some opinions about HCL Technologies, it gave me an opportunity to work with some of the popular customers including Google.

Deque is an amazing person to work with and at Deque I found people who are very knowledgable people and Deque’s India office in particular has people who are very affectionate and you can count them as your family members. Love you guys and thanks a ton for making my stint so memorable.

Though it was not a long tenure at Hyderabad, we have made some good and affectionate friends at Hyderabad and we are sure that all of us remain in touch.

What are some of the great things in Hyderabad:

  • A place of affectionate people
  • A place for good food
  • A place for good and affordable shopping
  • Less travel distance for our home towns
  • Less travel distance to Shirdi

What are some of not so great things in Hyderabad? Well, these are just our personal option and may not be true for everyone.

  • Climate seem to be too hot
  • Water problem
  • It’s tough to find a good house for rent
  • Public transport to work place is not really easy

As we know there are pros and cons everywhere.

See you later, Hyderabad! Hello, Bangalore, we are coming back!

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