In my childhood, I used to feel entire village is my own home. Go to any house and we call them with some relation or the other and in return, we get affection, sense of secure. We felt so equal love that we never even felt or thought, why my cousin’s mother punished me when I did some mistake. I just think unity matters. In today’s life of globalization I see that’s missing and if this trend continues, I could anticipate future generations may not know people who have very close relationships with them. So this post brings you significance of relationships and some thoughts how we can retain relationships. Remember one thing, breaking relationship is very simple but re-building relationship is almost close to impossible; so it’s always advisable that we don’t break them.

Here are some common things I have noticed which results in creating differences in relationship.

  • As a son or daughter, it’s essential to give due respect to parents. No matter whatsoever differences qw may have in thinking, whatsoever educated we may be compare to our parents, after all, it’s our parents who laid our foundation stone. In some cases, parents may not have been able to support until we finishes our education; but that’s fine, what is important for life is foundation
  • As a parent, lets accept the change in time but make sure our culture gets due value and respect. Let’s analyze life of today and ensure children are going in right direction. Whether we like it or not, most people in present generation do not know values and it’s partially due to the environment they grow up. Sad but a bitter truth is that values are neither taught at home nor in school. In my childhood, I remember, there were no complaints from parents when their child receives a severe punishment from teacher; but today situation is that some parents look for such schools only if there is a guarantee that school never punish their children. If a child gets punished, parents question teacher and management of school right infant of child which results in development of careless attitude in children.
  • When I was working for The Manik Public School, the then Secretary Mr. Salve used to say:

    When child is until 5 and make a mistake, ignore it and explain them with a smile what they did wrong. But do not worry much about it. When child is between 5 and 12 and make a mistake, give them a spanking, caning etc., When child is between 12 and 18 and make a mistake, explain them in detail what went wrong and result but with a firm tone. Make them realize that they are wrong. Use spanking punishment only if it’s really required. When child is 18 and above, just be as a friend and guide him / her in an appropriate way.

    I believe following this advice would help children go in right direction.

  • As a parent, take best care of them until they are able to stand on their foot. Once they are married, it’s responsibility of that couple of to lead a meaningful life. It’s advisable not to intervene unless if there is absolutely a real need
  • When your son gets married, ensure that your daughter in law receives a warm welcome and mae relations with everyone within family and relatives. How she build relationships would entirely demand on how you treat her. While you think that she has come from outside, do remember that for your son and your family, she has left her entire family and share life with you all.

To retain best relationships, stay in touch but this doesn’t mean one should involve in every aspect of lives of others but be ready to extend helping hand when there is need.

If you visit someone’s house, ensure that you spend time with them and not by watching TV or social media. These days sadly we see situation like when there are guests at home, people just switch on TV and start talking about what’s happening;but they don’t realize that guests are actually there to have a chat with them.

I know there can be a lot more to be written and I might do so in the days to come but to conclude, it’s essential to maintain healthy relationships. All that remains is good will; saying “hello” does not cost anything.

4 responses to “Relationships…”

  1. Tvn prasad Avatar
    Tvn prasad

    Nice vasu

  2. Srinivasu Chakravarthula Avatar

    Thank you. Let’s try and change the work at least a bit.

  3. Steve Sawczyn Avatar

    An absolutely fantastic post, thanks for writing it. Relationships are so so important and I think so undervalued by kids today. Makes me wonder if society is changing in a way that it will be unable to change back. I hope it can, I hope children today will come to understand the value of relationships before it is too late.

  4. Srinivasu Chakravarthula Avatar

    Thank you, Steve for kind words. Absolutely, this has to be sorted out before it is too late. I think each one should consider following values for their own lives and their kids and family. So that could be a great change. Also, values should be imparted at the school level itself.

    Thanks again for dropping by.

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