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Professor who inspires me…

Quite often we see a person who just does a business showcases they are super busy and sometimes avoid responding calls or emails with an excuse that they are busy. But there is one person I am fortunate enough to know in my life who in spite heading a reputed technological institution and on the board of several other institutes, banks, industries and non-profits AND the best part is send him an email and within a few hours, you sure get a response. He is such a person who always try his best to provide advice and help to the possible extent.

Another best part I’m more impressed with him is that you meet him once, have a chat and meet him again after 2 years, he will recognize you with name!

He is such a person who believe in right cause and willing to spend his time, but if someone tries to waste his time, he just keep them away…

It’s because of him that I learnt how to manage relationships, use the communication systems and make a decision.

He is none other than Prof. Shri. S Sadagopan who is celebrating his birthday today! Thank you so much sir for all your guidance, support and inspiration. May you have a long, healthy and joyful life ahead.

Srinivasu is an accessibility evangelist with 16+ years of experience. Currently works as Senior Accessibility Program Manager at Watermark. Previousely held several positions at companies like BarrierBreak, Yahoo, PayPal, Deque, HCL etc., He believes in the teachings of Shri. Adi Sankaracharya, Swami Vivekananda. He is also Founder of ServeOM Inclusion - a platform to pormote accessibility.

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