Indian Railways – a few things that you can make us more happy!

Needless to mention train is one of the most affordable and convenient way to travel. There are a lot of things that we are happy about Railways but fixing a few tiny issues would enhance much more!

  • Schedule Alerts: It’s quite often we see delay in departure and some times, it’s more than an hour or so. I’m sure railways would anticipate this delay a bit in advance and would be nice if passengers are alerted through an automated text message or a message call. Specially this would help for stations which may not enough facilities like seating. Indeed helpful for elderly, passengers with health issues, people with disabilities, pregnant women etc., It’s not required for short delays but helpful for hour long delayed trains. This is most essential for starting point.

    Tip: Text “SPOT < Train Number >” to 139 and you will receive running status of current train.

  • Notify upgraded berth details: It’s amazing and kind gesture of railways to introduce auto upgraded facilities with no extra cost. I appreciate this initiative and got an opportunity to avail this several times. Thank you Railways! One enhancement would be helpful if Railways could notify when such an up gradation has provided. It’s true that the information would be available on the chart but would be close to impossible to look at the chart at boarding points where train just stops about 2 minutes. It would be difficult for elderly, pregnant women, passenger with health issues, passengers with heavy baggage to switch to a different coach after boarding the train. An automated text message or call would be helpful.

    Tip: Passengers can send a text “PNR < PNR number > to 139 before boarding train

More tips later!

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