Folks, students are not fools!! Don’t play with them…

I was surprised, when I got a call saying they are calling from a reputed management collage and my wife got selected for an admission, where as she didn’t even apply for it. When I questioned the caller, he says “she filed an online an inquiry”… So what, how does that qualify for making a selection? He continued by saying the collage offer a free laptop, loan without any guarantee, placement at Facebook / Google and so on… I fail to understand why he feels an aspirant student would require all of the above!!! Oh! when I asked him to email me the details, he says he cannot, so how the f**k can I trust him?

Students, be careful and make a cautious decision about your studies, career etc. Unfortunately, there are so many folks, who want to fool you; show them you are brave!!

Good luck!

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