Thyagaraja Aradhana 24th January

Today is one of the days one who loves and cares for music should remember. Today the 24th January is Aradhana of Shri. Thyagaraja.

Shri. Thyagaraja

Some lines from Wikipedia about Aradhana:

The Aradhana in its present format is not even a hundred years old. Thyagaraja died in 1847. A few days before his death, he had renounced everything and had become a sanyasi. When he passed on, his mortal remains were buried on the banks of the river Kaveri and a small memorial was built at the spot. His disciples returned to their respective villages and observed his death anniversary at their own homes. The memorial was soon forgotten and it was not until around 1903 that Tyagaraja’s last surviving disciples, Umayalpuram Krishna Bhagavatar and Sundara Bhagavatar returned to Tiruvayyaru, identified the place and had it renovated.

Thyagaraja Keerthana by Maharajapuram Santhanam via YouTube
Maharajapuram Samthanam – Thyagaraja Krithi (Youtube link)

It so happened that today, the famous musician Shri. Bheemsen Joshi passed away at Pune. A couple of lines about Shri. Joshi from Wikipedia:

He was born into a Kannada Brahmin family in the town of Gadag in northern part of Karnataka state.[2][3] His father, Gururaj Joshi, was a school teacher. Bhimsen is the eldest in a family of 16 siblings. Some of the siblings still live in their ancestral home in Gadag.[4] Bhimsen lost his mother when he was young, and his step mother raised him.

Shri. Bheemsen Joshi

A performance by Shri. Joshi saheb – thanks again YouTube.
Jai Durge by Pt. Joshi Saheb

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