How to grab a career opportunity?

This article is generic but also, include tips for people with disabilities.

A few years back, for people with disabilities, it was a big challenge to get an employment in spite having extreme qualifications and that was just due to lack of awareness. Employers were not sure, what kind of jobs they could offer to people with disabilities and not sure, if they had to make any modifications in work place and rules. Also, there were not many people with disabilities of such kind with good education.

But today, thanks to the advancement of technology, the scenario is almost changed and people with disabilities could pursue any education like their other counter-parts. Today, almost there is no limit to achieve, just one should have a dream! There are people with disabilities, who are entrepreneurs, IT professionals, Pilots, Executives, consultants, and that too in any industries including, Banking, Education, Insurance, Telecommunication, Airlines, medical and anything for that matter!

Also, perspective of employers too changed, today, employers are willing to employee anyone with suitable skill set, dedication and commitment. Also, in some industries, although, there are employers willing to hire people with disabilities, unfortunately, some times, there are no candidates who would be suitable for the requirement. Here are a few quick tips that a potential employee should consider:

  • Make a strong decision of the industry you would want to build your career
  • Watch industry for the current trend and market
  • Analyze, if you have all the qualities that an industry would look for
  • If there is lack of any skills, get trained
  • Make a presentable resume
  • Apply for the positions only you would be interested and if you have desired skills
  • Prepare well before going for the interview
  • Make sure, you will carry all the desired documents
  • Make sure, you will do a gain basic information about prospective employer such as their industries, culture, values etc.
  • Be sure to reach interview venue well on time
  • If you would be in need of assistive technology, be open to inform your needs; it’s not necessary that employer would be aware of assistive technologies, but they would surely understand, if you explain

More tips soon. Good luck for better prospects!

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