Ramkumar Narayanan

“Srinivasu is an outstanding advocate for accessibility and has inspired product owners to pay attention to inclusiveness.”

Ramkumar Narayanan, Executive VP Technology & Services, FIS India & Philippines

Rama Krishnamachari

“Srinivasu is not only an expert in the subject of accessibility but he also believes in sharing his expertise and knowledge, which is what makes him a great person to work with.”

Rama Krishnamachari, Director, Diversity & Equal Opportunity Centre (DEOC)

Brian Robinson

“Srinivasu took us from accessibility as an afterthought to a company that truly embraces ensuring accessibilty in our products. Srinivasu’s brings strong practical expertise rooted in best practices, the human experience, and industry standards.

His passion for advancing accessibility is contagious, and he focuses on creating sustainable practices that will ensure everyone understands their role in advancing digital accessibility. With his leadership we transformed our company’s products and culture to be more inclusive for people with disabilities and created a culture of accessibility that will endure.”

Brian Robinson, Senior Vice President of Product at Watermark