Accessibility Assessment

Testing is essential to ensure quality for any product and accessibility can be ensured only by testing. Our Accessibility Testing service include automated testing using several accessibility automated testing tools, scenario based testing and user testing using assistive technologies by people with disabilities.

Why to test by people with disabilities? Though there are several impacts of web accessibility, it’s also true that accessibility provides easy access to people with disabilities and they would be able to use the service like anyone else. It may not be easy to ask a search engine to test your product, but there are several million people with disabilities, who are available to give you accurate findings. In fact, it is always better to ask the end user rather than making assumptions.

We test your products with screen readers and screen magnifiers, as needed, testing can be done for on web and mobile. We do not leave you just with providing you a report of accessibility issues in your product, but we also, do provide you with possible recommendation to resolve the issue.

We test products as per your desired guidelines such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act, Web Guidelines for Indian Government Websites etc.

Do write into us at reachus(dot)serveominclusion(dot)com to schedule a conversation.